Additional Costs

EBT In-person (up to 2 hours): TBD
Virtual EBT (up to 2 hours): $350 – every additional 1/2 hour: $50

Prep: $50 for every 30 minutes
Interpreter: $50
Additional witness: $150


Same day coverage requests – add $100

Any directives for next day appearances received after 8PM – starts at $50

Medical Malpractice conferences – add $50

Commercial Division – add $50

All afternoon appearances – add $25

Cancellations – if the firm (not the court) cancels the appearance after 6PM on the date before the appearance, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged if coverage is secured. If a deposition cancels less than 24 hours after confirmation of coverage, an additional fee may be charged (fee amount to be determined).