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Have U Covered in the Kitchen

Danielle Caminiti – Culinary Artist

People who know me love my cooking almost as much as I love to cook. I’m formally trained in law. And motherhood. Having been a foodie since I can remember, cooking has been an outlet for me. Now it’s become my daily sustenance, my life support, so to speak. Although I have countless delicious provincial Italian recipes, I can and do cook so many other ethnic cuisines.

Diversity in Cooking

My tastes are as diverse as the city in which I reside, New York City. I have traveled to Africa, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Mexico and many places all over the United States. I have an arsenal of sauces, first and second dishes, appetizers, desserts, breakfasts, brunches, side dishes, smoothies, and beverages that I can make with my eyes closed and pretty well.

Real Recipes for Real People.

Have U Covered in the Kitchen is for real people who want real food made with heart and soul.

Danielle brings her passion and love of cooking into your kitchen through everyday delicious and easy recipes, many that have been handed down from generations, from appetizers to desserts, Have U Covered in the Kitchen makes them all!