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If anyone has read up on James Altucher (I’m a big fan) they may be familiar with his “11 Tips for Living a Better Life.” In sum, he says they are:

  1. Ask for advice
  2. Make everyone else look good
  3. Leave your comfort zone every day
  4. Try to improve every day
  5. Being angry at someone is like drinking rat poison
  6. Reach out
  7. Walk as much as you can
  8. Don’t eat too much
  9. Sleep
  10. Be creative every day
  11. Accept that bad things will happen to you and you can’t stop that.

I wholeheartedly concur with all of his (although I’ll admit a couple are very hard for me to do – like sleep and don’t eat too much) but also add three of my own.


Unless it’s to promote a business, read inspirational memes or quotes, art, nature scenes or food, listen to songs, jokes or something nostalgic, stay clear of social media in all forms. Studies show that obsessively paying attention to others’ promoted version of themselves is unhealthy and can lead to depression and low self esteem. Everyone is on their own journey and life is not a competition. The grass may appear to be greener but, the reality is often the grass is AstroTurf.  My grandfather used to wisely say, “Everyone paddles their own canoe.” People often stage their “picture perfect” lives on social media – highlighting all the family vacations, straight A’s by all their kids, white picket fence house decorated for every major holiday, job promotions, retirement parties, you name it.  You rarely see postings of the Con Ed bill, a video of an argument with a spouse, an eviction notice, or little Timmy bringing home D’s on his report card.  It’s like the degenerate gambler who always tells you how much he won but he never tells you how much he lost before.  The more focus you put on other people the less positive energy you can devote to yourself and your own ideas and endeavors.


There’s a saying, if we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab our own back.  Everyone has a cross to bear (the crosses are not advertised on social media, see my point #1 above). But the key is, when something bad happens to you, which it will, know that the glorious rainbow comes after the storm. It’s not easy when you’re actually in the throes of the issue you are having, but almost always there is something to be learned from it, which is a positive in and of itself, and usually it leads you to do or experience something better. The ability to do that is grit. Strong people have grit. Always remember  – when life gives you lemons, you make limoncello!


Be grateful for everything you have and have endured. Every day, by writing down 5 things that you have for which you are grateful, no matter how big or how small, you are reminding yourself not to take anything in life for granted and by doing this you will end up having more things to be grateful for. I believe this.

This list is not exhaustive but since 14 is my lucky number I decided to see his 11 tips and raise him 3.

I hope you incorporate these into your daily practice and find them to be helpful.


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